Minneapolis community leader Erica Mauter has filed to run for City Council representing the Ward 11 neighborhoods of Wenonah, Keewaydin, Northrop, Hale, Page, Diamond Lake, Windom, and Tangletown.

She is seeking the DFL endorsement.

Erica believes in a Minneapolis that puts people first, and is accessible and affordable for all residents. Her campaign will center working conditions, decent places to live, and more transparent and accessible government. She also advocates for the city to play a strong role in a robust food system, investment in youth success, reforming our justice system, a strong arts and sports culture, and the fight for climate justice and against climate change.

“As the national landscape changes, local leadership will play a critical role in the lives of Minneapolitans. Minneapolis has all the amenities of bigger cities, and it’s so much more accessible. Except when it’s not.” said Erica. “Minneapolis is still not affordable or accessible for many, particularly for people of color, and it’s getting worse not better. Every resident should be able to work a decent job, have an affordable place to live, and not just survive, but thrive here. We need bold, progressive leadership in City Hall to make that happen.”

Mauter has lived in Ward 11 since 2010 and serves on the City of Minneapolis Capital Long-Range Improvements Committee. She currently works as the Executive Director of the and Twin Cities Women’s Choir and Twin Cities Girls’ Choir, after over a decade working as an engineer in research and manufacturing. Mauter has volunteered her time for a number of arts and social justice organizations, including the Twin Cities Women’s Choir, Family Equality Council, Project 515, Minnesotans United for All Families, Minnesota Fringe Festival, Headwaters Foundation for Justice, and the American Civic Forum. She has also written for a number of publications on life in the Twin Cities and conducted her Organizational Leadership masters thesis research on the topic of ranked choice voting.

Mauter encourages Ward 11 residents to get in touch with her using any of the following methods:
Twitter: @ericamauter
Facebook: facebook.com/ericaformpls
Website: ericamauter.org
E-mail: ericaformpls@gmail.com

For more information, please contact Coya White Hat-Artichoker at 605-381-6181.


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