We are fortunate in the 11th Ward to have two excellent challengers to an incumbent with a spotty track record of responsiveness, who needs to check the wind before he votes on any possibly contentious issue. We plan to rank t

hese challengers 1st and 2nd on our ballots next month, but would like to explain why Erica Mauter has our #1 spots.

After Erica knocked on our door on a recent Saturday morning, she took time out of her afternoon to speak at great length with our neighborhood group. Something that especially impressed the two of us is that she is simultaneously grounded in the business of the city, for instance through her service on the Capital Long-Range Improvement Committee, while also clearly basing her positions and goals on a strong sense of values.

She understands that national and global concerns are intertwined with decisions and policies here in the city. She understands that making Minneapolis thrive and grow means making sure people can afford to live here, by ensuring fair wages and rules for workers, and working to fill in the gaps in our housing supply. She understands that making Minneapolis safer will require a trustworthy and accountable force, and skill sets outside of policing.

We know that as a queer woman of color, she is aware of the pressures and challenges faced by Minneapolis residents whose interests haven’t always been represented at city hall. And we have no doubt that Erica will be as open, accessible, and transparent as a council member as she has been as a candidate.

We are excited by the ideas, skills, and opportunities Erica Mauter’s candidacy represents, and hope you will join us in ranking her your first choice on November 7th.

Fred and Melissa Beukema
Diamond Lake


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