As the elections draw near, I want to say for the record that I support Erica Mauter for City Council in Ward 11. Erica has the heart of an activist, the mind of an engineer, the soul of an artist. She’s honest, engaged, hardworking, and practical. She listens and collaborates. Given the challenges on my side of Ward 11 with excessive water in streets and basements and parks, an engineer seems especially helpful at the table right now.

Jeremy Schroeder is my second choice, also a strong progressive. I decided long ago that when there are two candidates for any job or office who have approximately equal qualifications, and one of them comes from privileged identities and the other from historically marginalized identities, I’ll choose the latter. As a Black woman and an out lesbian, Erica knows parts of Minneapolis that a straight white man, no matter how supportive, never can. And I want those parts of Minneapolis represented as decisions are made!

Meg Riley


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