Congratulations to the new council member from the 11th Ward, Jeremy Schroeder. Thanks to John Quincy for his two terms of service.
We had three goals for this campaign. Just one of them was to be elected to serve as the Council Member from Ward 11. The second goal was to be a vehicle for action for people who were scared, angry, frustrated, and motivated by the 2016 presidential election. The third goal was to drive a conversation in Ward 11 about what we want for ourselves and our city. We were overwhelmingly successful on two of those three goals.
One of the most gratifying observations of this campaign came from outside observers asserting that we forced people in Ward 11 to talk about equity. One third of voters in Ward 11 agreed that infusing our policy-making with an equity lens was one of the most important things that we need to do to move our city forward. One third of voters in Ward 11 agreed that electing leadership that reflects our diverse population matters. One third of voters in Ward 11 agreed that it matters whose voices are present in the halls of power, that doing the same thing we’ve been doing won’t result in progress on our equity gaps, and that it was time for a transformational choice.
This race was about as tight as a 3-way race can be. We made the other two candidates earn every single vote. Two thirds of voters in Ward 11 did agree that what we need right now is different from what was previously good enough. I have extremely high expectations for our new council member. I urge you to support Council Member Schroeder, and help him stand up for everyone across Minneapolis and be an effective ally who lifts up and centers marginalized voices.
I’m also incredibly proud of and grateful for newfound friends, with newfound power, and a newfound sense of community. I know I’m not the only one who did things this year that they didn’t think they could do.
I’m so grateful for my family. My wife Missy not only sacrificed our time together, she sacrificed a lot of her own time to directly support the campaign, and to directly support me. My sister Emily was my most reliable door knocker. I talked to so many people whom she had handily won over. She became the go-to turf partner for new volunteers.
I’m so grateful for my campaign manager and friend, Coya White Hat-Artichoker. I took her out to lunch at Quang’s, on a whim, after last November’s election. A month later, we were launching this campaign. She pushed me to do so many things, did not let me play it safe, and ultimately made our message stronger.
I’m proud to have been a part of something larger than this race in this ward. I’m really proud to be one of those activist challengers. Cities are indeed the last line of defense. The resistance starts at home. This is our local, progressive response to last year’s conservative backlash. We saw how shady conservative dollars tried to buy their way out of this & it didn’t work. OUR people won, OUR city won, WE all won.
In revolution and in gratitude,

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